Congratulations to Kai Lenny and Caroline Angibaud, 2015 Sunset Beach and Turtle Bay Womens Champions.



logo-suwtThe Stand Up World Series provides a professional platform for the world’s best Stand Up Paddle Racers to determine the legitimate Men’s, Women’s and U16 World Champions. The WQS Series spans the globe, and culminates in the World Championship Finals at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu in October.



Date Event Location Region Status
June 19th – 21st France→ France Europe TBA
June 26th – 28th Spain→ Spain Europe TBA
July 2nd – 4th Finland→ Finland Europe TBA
July 24th – 26th Italy→ Italy Europe TBA
August 7th – 9th Germany→ Germany Europe TBA


Date Event Location Region Status
June 26th – 28th Spain→ Spain Europe TBA
August 7th – 9th Germany→ Germany Europe TBA
August 14th – 16th Brazil→ Brazil C & S America TBA
September 4th – 6th Japan→ Japan Asia TBA
October 2nd – 4th USA→ USA USA TBA
October 16th – 18th Hawaii→ Hawaii Hawaii TBA


Each Stand Up World Series event will consist of 2 racing formats: Long Distance: Anywhere from 7 – 20 miles, and either downwind coast run or course race, subject to location and local conditions Sprint Course: Heat elimination format sprint course featuring 10 – 12 minute sprints customized to suit the surrounding environment The overall result from long distance and sprint races combined will provide the qualification points and Final result from each event. Long distance and sprint races will be weighted equally.


Events are classified according to their prize purse, with the following event classifications: Prime: US$20k or more 5 Star: US$15k or more 4 Star: US$10k or more 3 Star: US$5k or more Prime events will garner the most points, with the points calculated relative to the level of the event and final placings. Event points will be determined from athletes’ overall result, in both sprint and long distance. Points chart is included below.


Athletes’ best 3 results from the Series will count towards their overall ranking, making it possible for region specific qualification for the World Championship Finals and a truly global field of competitors. The Top 200 men and Top 50 women will qualify for the World Championship Finals at Turtle Bay Resort, whittling it down to the very best of the best competing on Oahu’s legendary North Shore from the 12th – 14th October 2012. Coming into the World Championship Finals, athletes ranking from their best 3 results will make up 50% of the overall World Title and final ranking calculations, with the other 50% being determined by the World Championship Finals itself. The concept to this is to provide recognition and award for consistency through the year as well as top level performance at the Finals.


The World Qualifying Class will be a rudderless 12’6, and while many World Series races will have their events open to multiple classes, the qualifying Class will be 12’6 across the board, to create a uniform one board event and allow athletes to travel with their boards rather than face unsurmountable shipping charges and hassle to travel to events.

Regardless of event level (prime, 5, 4 or 3 Star), total prize-money will be awarded in the following Ratios: ~ Men: 75% (i.e. for a $20,000 event, prize-money for men will be $15,000) ~ Women: 25% (i.e. for a $20,000 event, prize-money for women will be $5,000) Prize-money will be awarded for the Top 5 in the Men, and Top 3 in the women with the following breakdown:

% of prize-money split
1st: 45% 50%
2nd: 25% 30%
3rd: 15% 20%
4th: 10%
5th: 5%

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